Suplemen Kesehatan

  1. Sangovitin
    Rp 94,000.00
  2. Qn Clonk
    Qn Clonk
    Rp 175,000.00
  3. Memorex
    Rp 210,000.00
  4. LDLOX
    Rp 293,000.00
  5. Insoven
    Rp 133,000.00
  6. Fudan 50mg
    Fudan 50mg
    Rp 324,000.00
Welcome to PYFA HEALTH Official Store

PT Pyridam Farma Tbk. (Pyfa Health) is a pharmaceutical company. Our main business are producing both modern and traditional medicine.

Our products have met the GMP (Good Manufacturing Process Standard) - Over 30 years of business experience.

Produk Lainnya

  1. Takana Sirup
    Takana Sirup
    Rp 36,000.00
  2. Kidimun Sirup
    Kidimun Sirup
    Rp 47,000.00
  3. Asedas Sirup
    Asedas Sirup
    Rp 48,000.00
  4. Damuvit C
    Damuvit C-1000
    Rp 120,000.00
  5. Osteorc
    Osteor-C Krim
    Rp 167,000.00
  6. Ferospat

Over 30 Years of Business Experience

We manufacture a wide range of products i.e., antibiotics, vitamins,
supplements, and traditional herbal care.